Are we closer to solving the Kansas School Funding Crisis?

Funding for public schools in Kansas has been the subject of litigation for more than three decades.  The issues are both simple and complex.  Citizens in Kansas recognized the critical importance of education to achieving a quality life, and in 1962 voted to add the provision of “suitable finance” for public schools to our state’s constitution.  Suitable finance has been defined by the courts as “equitable” for all students regardless of where they live in the state, and “adequate” in amount to meet the standards (noted in state law).

The issue really is that all kids deserve access to a quality education, no matter their circumstances or wealth of the communities they live.  I recently watched this video and thought FINALLY a resource that explains the issues in a clear and matter-of-fact way.  I want to share the link to see what you think.  The video is produced by @loud_light, an affiliate of the Mainstream Coalition.  Let me know what you think.

We are back at the Supreme Court for a hearing on the most recent school finance lawsuit on May 22, 2018.  Let’s get this issue to the finish line for the benefit of all students in Kansas! “It’s Up to Us!”

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2 Responses to Are we closer to solving the Kansas School Funding Crisis?

  1. Lou La says:

    There’s several factors that’s causing problem in the financial area that’s stated about the lack of funding. .
    (1) being stems from the misuse, over spending, greedy staff and those in the administration receiving income of $000,000.00 yearly not including other activities not mentioned. There positions is not related to being a scientists. (2) Having large ass wallets and purses that never seem to get filled. (3) Claiming it’s needed for the good of the kids. Yell right! (4) Through false documentations of head counts, as if the kids are cattle. To transport 1, 2 or 3 students to a large bus that seats 24 or more kids go to those establishments, is a waste of gas. (5) So called teachers acting as if they are teaching, that are just stalling for the time to pass as they have these kids. Yes, I see there’s a more sufficient way in several areas to resolve the lack of funding yearly.
    What can help reduce the over flow of spending: (1) Stop playing around with the staff and really train them in managing distance and time to quantity in the dispatch area funds wouldn’t be wasted. Free the salaries of those working in areas that getting raises yearly. Every department should be getting a raise at the same time. (2) Stop spending lots of money on having food catered in. Stop making position for your sex companions, family and friends that’s not qualified.

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