Journey of a Superintendent: Let’s Vote!

I was so excited to open my mail box a few days ago to find my election ballot. I have voted by mail for several years now. Allocating time to stand in a line is challenging. I have asked myself from time to time, “Why bother to vote?” But I know the answer. Voting is one of the most important tools we have to influence the policy makers, and to have a voice in the type of country, state, and community we want to live in. So I was excited to receive my ballot, even though I am weary of the type of rhetoric we have been subject to in this election cycle.

So please join in and vote. It’s not just about the presidential election. We know that decision is critical. The person we elect will send a message to the world about who we are as a nation. But if we want to see work get done, the down ballot elections for Congress and our state legislative elections are just as critical. In addition, I believe we should think long and hard about the judicial items on the ballot. Maintaining three independent branches of government is what makes our democracy work. Attempts to politicize our judicial branch could dramatically change our democracy, and that is a decision we mustn’t take lightly.

Lastly, and certainly not least, we have a school bond referendum on our ballot. The board, with the guidance of our Community Vision Committee, is asking us to vote on a zero tax increase bond in order to make significant improvement to our schools. You can find the details at The bond question is the very last item on the ballot for those living in KCKPS boundaries.

I for one am starting my voting decision from the bottom of the ballot. Approving the bond is about supporting a positive future in our community. After all, quality education is the backbone of any strong community, and essential for our children’s future. Successful passage of the bond will impact every school, and is an economic boost to our community. There may choices on the ballot that cause us angst. However, this bond item is a way each of us can help make our community even better. Please vote, and remember, “It’s Up to Us!”


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