We Need Your Constructive Feedback

   “Success is never owned, it’s only rented – and the rent is due every day.”

Community and Staff Survey photo   Rory Vaden, best selling author and consultant, shared this comment in a presentation I heard a few years ago. These words have stayed with me as we strive each day to provide our students with a quality education.

Partnerships and feedback are critical to any organization that desires to be among the best. We have made tremendous progress over the last few years, and now it’s time to ask for constructive feedback.

Please take the time to provide us with feedback by participating in an online survey. http://kckps.org/survey. We want to hear from parents, staff and community members.

The results will be used in our continuous improvement planning and decision-making. We are committed to continuing to “pay our rent” to ensure our forward progress continues. “It’s Up to Us.”

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One Response to We Need Your Constructive Feedback

  1. A student had completed their education and started the journey that life has to offer. In the learning process throughout the time in school they were enrolled in higher level classes in math, science, english and social studies.
    Another student was enrolled in the same school, same class and was enrolled in less challenging classes.
    Their lives took different path’s economically.
    The questions is WHY?

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