Journey of a Superintendent: Is Your Glass Half Full?

I am reading a book titled, “Three Feet from Gold,” by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid. The book has me thinking about the power of perspectives, the power of commitment to succeed, and about life in general. It reminded me of my Aunt Thelma, who always told me to view life with a glass-half-full attitude. According to her thinking, seeing life as a glass half empty leaves you mired in negativity, and lost in a universe of “if only . . .”

Certainly, that is easier to say than to do. I have to actively work to stay away from the “if only” attitudes that surround all of us. I know that success is a state of mind. Successful individuals and organizations view themselves as if they have already achieved all they set forth to achieve. Now that I have a few miles behind me, I think that’s what Aunt Thelma was trying to tell me when she would say, “Fill your own glass, kiddo. Life is about attitude.”

As we begin another school year, I am continuing to talk to our students about their plans for the future. And I can hear the words of Aunt Thelma coming through my mouth as I encourage our students to grab hold of their futures. “How much do you want it?” she would ask me. “It’s all about belief, effort, and commitment to success.”

When I speak with groups of students, you may hear us chanting, “I can become anything I choose. Focus and effort is what I must do.” I know it may seem corny, but think about it: If we can empower our students to own their own learning, and to be highly literate citizens, there are no limitations that can’t be overcome. I finally get it Aunt Thelma! Glass-half-full thinking and attitudes lead to success.

“It’s Up to Us” to empower and model, to read with and to our kids, and to take risks. It’s possible, if we accept the mission and “Inspire Excellence:  Every Grownup, Every Child, Every Day.”

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