Journey of a Superintendent: Simply Unacceptable

Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

It’s not old news, but rather news that is growing old. Once again, we will begin a new school year with a cut in state funding. At the time of this posting, we stand $8.7 million below our 2010-2011 budget, and it looks like we may be facing yet another cut of nearly $5 million. Over the past five years, our district has lost $43.3 million in funding. This is simply unacceptable.

There’s a movement in our legislative body to change the Constitution because they believe we don’t need to provide suitable funding for all children. We should be very alarmed by that. They would rather try to change the Constitution than work to solve the issues.

A recent New York Times editorial provides examples of state budget battles and how court decisions have upended budget negotiations in California, Nevada and New Jersey. It mentions court cases pending in other states, including our own in Kansas.

It seems the courts are the only place for us to stand up and say that EVERY child is entitled to a quality education.

Every citizen should be concerned. It’s up to us to take a stand and push for what is right for our children.

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2 Responses to Journey of a Superintendent: Simply Unacceptable

  1. Nancy Jensen says:

    You are solidly on track with your comments! As a teacher in this district I am scared of the impact this is going to have on my classroom (all district classrooms). I know the district is trying to not have budget cuts impact the classrooms but that just can’t happen forever. There will be fewer teachers, outdated and smaller quantities of instructional materials, and students who drop through the cracks because of lack of “teacher-time” for those who need the extra one-on-one instruction. It’s sad that we have people in Topeka who don’t seem to care about Kansas students. And that districts, ours included, must spend valuable dollars fighting court.

  2. tchnkck says:

    And while we’re encouraging our kids to read, there’s no better way to encourage than to model. So settle into the hot, lazy days of summer with a great book and show your little ones, (or older ones), that reading is something we do for entertainment.

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