Journey of a Superintendent: Celebrating Our PTA

Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Today I had the opportunity to be a part of a celebration of the partnership between the PTA and our schools. The partnership began long before most readers of this blog were alive – 1912 to be exact. Nearly 100 years ago, parents joined teachers and principals to work together to do whatever was necessary to advance the education of children. Certainly that spirit is alive and well in the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.

A group of committed parents and grandparents meet regularly to advance the mission of the district and support schools that are educating our students. It’s a simple concept really, yet so vitally important to our kids.

I am very grateful for the group of PTA leaders we have in our community. Year after year, these individuals come together to celebrate and support our schools by conducting fundraisers, sponsoring activities, and raising funds for scholarships. Certainly we would like the number of people involved to grow. Yet even in the small numbers, one must marvel at the passion and commitment of this core group.  They work hard to organize activities that are fun, even silly sometimes, but all for the benefit of our kids.

I thank the members of the PTA in Kansas City, Kansas who understand “it’s up to us” to ensure the futures of our children. Thanks to each of you who put action behind words and work to find solutions to our challenges, willing to do whatever it takes for our kids.

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